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Specialties to add to Supply Chain

You get more value from your supply chain when transportation, warehousing, inventory, customs clearance, shipping are all synchronized and working in harmony.

We will provide you an entire supply chain strategy, all under one reliable roof. We can work with you to integrate these specialties for a well-rounded supply chain strategy.

We Offer:

Reverse logistics

Supply chains flow in both directions. So, you must manage not just the forward movement of inventory, but reverse logistics flows for the return of seasonal or damaged items. You can also apply reverse logistics programs to restocks, salvage items, recalls, and excess inventory to derive as much value as possible before the end of the product’s life.


Our logistics experts offers specialized tailor made solutions to manage covered and open facility for storage of cargo based on customer requirements. We also arrange for storing cargo in Public Bonded Warehouse. We can help you decide if a warehouse’s location is ideal for reaching your consumers, or offer ideas to reduce costly stock outs and overstocks.


We can arrange specialized vehicles such as Semi low bed Trailers and Low bed Trailers.Sometimes, you need faster response times for just in time deliveries or quick turnarounds. Our expedited logistics experts work with you for reliable, round the clock, live support for your expedited freight. We can even help you build in processes so that you only expedite as part of your supply chain strategy—not as a last resort.


We offer Insurance services to our customs.